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Michael Colgrass Percussion Music 1951-1957


"Patrick Roulet's recording of my early percussion ensemble pieces is a model of how these works should be performed. His attention to detail and conscientiousness in achieving the highest quality of sound and drum texture is unmatched in any other recordings of these pieces I have heard. I thank him heartily for the care and dedication he put into rehearsing these pieces for this recording, all of which are reproduced here with the highest degree of professionalism."


Michael Colgrass


" As a member of NEXUS, I have had the good fortune to observe many of the world's leading music schools and teachers of percussion performance. In my view, Mr. Roulet possesses a combination of skills and musicianship that would enable him to work well with aspiring percussionists anywhere."


Bill Cahn, NEXUS: Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame



"Patrick Roulet leads the Towson State University Percussion Ensemble for Three Brothers and performs in all the other pieces; in accordance with Colgrass's wishes, he also used calfskin heads when possible (percussion instruments usually use plastic heads now), which result in a much richer, lyrical tone in the pieces. Roulet is also a passionate advocate for this music and a very persuasive interpreter. I know Colgrass a bit, though we are by no means close colleagues, but I've always enjoyed the fervor of his musical ideas and am very happy to hear them realized with such affection and style."


Rob Haskins, American Record Guide


“My highest compliments on the roto-tom sound you achieved on the Variations with viola (with the tuning and custom mallets) and your performance. It’s excellent. The narratives of Michael’s are very special to hear him speak about his works and life. They will stand as valuable contributions to the study of the literature”


Gary Cook, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona


“The performances on this CD are outstanding, and the fact that it is a ‘composer authenticated recording’ makes it a must have for ensemble directors and performers. The attention to detail, including the effective substitution of Roto-toms for the toy drums, along with the outstanding drumhead and implement choices, help makes this recording an inspiration and a model for warm, tonal, drum sounds… I highly recommend this CD, not only for its historical importance, but for the brilliant performances and overall sound concept. Bravo!”


Jeff More, Percussive Notes


"When I heard him a few times this year and last year, I witnessed for the first time in my life that, like any great artiste, the expression of human quality is so achievable through any instrument whether it is a percussive one or natural singing instrument like the vocal chords... In his very humble way and relaxed demeanor, there is a hidden artistic intensity and technical prowess that is innate in Professor Roulet's personality but can't be concealed by the excellent effects on his students."


Reynaldo Reyes, Professor Emeritus, Towson University



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